The Dark Knight and Catharsis Theory

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Poster de Batman The Dark Knight  by MyCine.

I watched The Dark Knight nights ago. Well, who didn’t anyway? It’s prolly the most-anticipated movie of the year.

I’ve read a lot of movie reviews, both negative and positive, before I watched the film. The reviews were pretty interesting! And they made me eager to watch it.

The movie was literally “dark”. I mean, the movie itself and not the moviehouse. hehe. Most of the scenes were taken in dark lighting. I know that’s the effect they wanted to achieve, though. There were explosions, gunshots, and brutal killings in most of the scenes plus the horrible and scruffy faces of Joker and Two-Face (thankful ako kasi may mas pangit pa sa kin) They were so freaky. Actingwise, Ledger’s performance was great. And of course the movie was done with superb technicality with excellent SFX and all that. BTW, this is not a review ’cause I know a lot has been said about the movie. Why so serious, anyway? hehe. Oh wait, I’ll just comment on Batman’s pa-cute-whispering-voice. I didn’t like it much. Peace!

The reviews were very accurate – the movie is a bit violent. Most of the scenes are not suitable for very young audiences. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan. hehe.

But we have to deal with it. Movies and some other media, that are intented to entertain and inform us, have some violent contents. This media endorsement of violence is believed to be justified by the concept of catharsis (katharsis), a Greek word which means “purging or cleansing” (thanks to my Communication Theories prof for teaching me this). This communication theory states that constant exposure of people to violent media could be an outlet for them to purge anger and aggression. This notion  was actually intoduced by Aristotle who believed that viewing tragic plays was a way of releasing negative feelings and reducing anger. In comtemporary media, filmmakers prolly believe that viewing violence could create same effect to the viewing public’s behavior. This can also be noticed in some violent computer games, claiming that playing violent games is one way of purging aggressive urges.

Now the question is, how do violent media like The Dark Knight affect the behavior of a viewer? Does it really help someone get rid of aggressive urges or does it increase someone’s aggression instead? These are intriguing questions.

While the concept that you need an outlet for aggressive urges may be valid, it may also be detrimental especially to young viewers who are vulnerable and are more likely to be manipulated by violent media. This has been the most controversial issue here. Perhaps, this is the reason why some movie critics found the movie “disturbing” and “violent”, qualities which make the movie not suitable for young audiences. A 20-year-old man, with complete gruesome make-up like The Joker, was actually arrested recently in Michigan for stealing some posters and other Batman-related items.

Well, viewing violent media is not the only factor that causes aggression but its effect to some viewers cannot be ignored. Remember that this is a theory, meaning it can be plausible and invalid in some extent. The bottom line is that a certain media content can have different effects to individuals. “Not everyone who watches violent media becomes aggressive, and not everyone who is aggressive watches violent media.” What ya think?


Itchy Convesation

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We had crabs that noon. My erpat just caught them from our pond. I burped after eating, unaware that something freaky would startle me a bit later.

After lunch, I rested in our hut and enjoyed a short siesta. But shortly I felt something strange. There was an unpleasant feeling on my skin as if thousands of higads were crawling on by body. I started getting stomach cramps. My entire body itched intolerably and I felt like the pores of my skin were blocked. There were big and thick rashes from my scalp down to the soles of my feet. I managed to gulp a glass of water before my vision blurred. It made me want to scream and plunge into a drum of freezing water. I wanted to feel numb.

I had some allergy attacks prior to that but that one was the gravest. I’m pretty sure that the previous attacks weren’t triggered by food. My previous attacks were caused by airborne pollutants (ano raw).hehe. They call it “dupang” in our dialect.

What I experienced that afternoon was totally odd. I haven’t the faintest idea why my body reacted that way. That was something I haven’t experienced before. And something that I wouldn’t want to happen ever again. After hours of scratching and almost dying of terrible itch, I felt better.

Few days after, I tried eating other seafood. Next on my list was shrimp. I was really surprised when it gave the same effect. The attack even became more excruciating. I hated that feeling.

The most recent attack happened months ago. I had squid for lunch. And it was confirmed. I’m also allergic to squid. Wheew! No crab. No shrimp. No squid. What else am I allergic to? I think I’ll go crazy if I get allergic to bangus as well.hehe

I’m saddened. Really. I love eating those seafood. I now envy people who can freely eat those without fear of being close to death.   

I’m still wondering why my body reacts this way whenever I eat those food. When I had a med exam for my previous company, the doctor asked me if I’m allergic to something. I told her the whole story and she told me some blah-blahs. I forgot everything that she said. hehe.

I caught my blogger friend Ced, a med stude, online the other night. I took the chance to get some answers that could somehow shed light on me.  

(8:15 PM)
BEERO: May tanong ako, dude. Allergic kasi ako sa hipon at crab. Bat ganun? ano possible causes?
CED: Hmmm…Una kasi pwedeng ung una mong nakain na hipon o crab eh medyo spoiled na, yong malapit ng masira.
BEERO: Galing sa fishpond namin kinakain ko. Fresh pa yun.
CED: Teka patapusin mo muna ko. Yong katawan mo natreat un as antigen o foreign body. Natural gagawa ng defense mechanism mo yong antibody.
CED: So kapag kumain ka ng panibagong hipon o crab ung activated antibody mo lalabanan ung kinain mo na hipon o crab kasi tinandaan ng antibody mo ung food na yon as antigenic. oks ba?
BEERO: Oks na oks. LOL
CED: Usually IgE yong antibody mo na naactivate so responsable sila sa inflammatory response mo like ung rash lips mo nangangapal. Ayun nakatulog ka na.
BEERO: Gising pa ko. (sabi mo kasi patapusin muna kita) Oo nga eh. Di ko talaga matiis ang kati.
CED: Kasi yong IgE mo nagrerelease sila ng substances para maellicit yong mga yon as response.
BEERO: Nagtataka ako kasi dati di ako allergic eh. Ano ba dapat kong gawin?
CED: Alam mo yong asukal?
BEERO: (Oo naman). Bakit?
CED: Kapag may atake ka ng allergies, kain ka ng isang spoonfull ng asukal. Di kaya eh inom ka ng honey.
BEERO: Fatal ba ang ganitong allergy?
CED: Oo naman kapag hindi naagapan.  Pwede maglead sa cardiogenic shock yun.
BEERO: Tinatakot mo yata ako eh.
CED: Pero yong sobrang allergies na as in may respiratory o kaya renal involvement
BEERO: Ganun ba?
CED: Oo. Kaya necessary ang first aid.

I hope our conversation on YM helped those who suffer from the same health problem. Thanks to Ced for the free consultation. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. hehe

Fun In Tacloban

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After the tragic and traumatic events that happened few days ago, Tacloban City will be celebrating Sangyaw Festival tomorrow, June 29.

That’s how resilient Pinoys are. No matter how scarred we are, we can still manage to put on a happy face. Having said that, everything is set for Sangyaw Festival.

I haven’t watched Sangyaw Festival before. I actually thought that it’s the replacement of Pintados Kasadyaan Festival. I just knew lately, (from a reader) that Sangyaw Festival and Pintados Kasadyaan Festival are separate festivals. Pintados Kasadyaan Festival was held last June 27.  I also learned from him that the former was organized by the city government while the latter is organized by the provincial government. Wheew! I got totally confused ’cause I haven’t heard about Sangyaw Festival before. Thanks to Benjie Retuerto. I don’t know you personally but thanks for the info.

I’m afraid I could’t tell you what “Sangyaw” means. I was born in Leyte but grew up in Cavite. That expains why I don’t understand some high-falluting Waray  terms. Nevertheless, Sangyaw Festival would still be as grandiose as Pintados. It has just gone bigger and better. 

Pintados Festival..ilove ds festival   sto.jpg   pin3.jpg

It was published on Tacloban City’s official website that Councilor Cristina Gonzales Romualdez (the former actress and now the wife of Tacloban City’s mayor) has invited some city mayors to join the festival parade. Her efforts paid off because there will be contingents from Cebu, Bacolod, Surigao, CDO, and others vying for the half million cash prize. It’s really something to watch out for.

But unfortunately I would have to miss it…again. It was in 2006 when I last watched, or should I say joined the event. I was then an intern at M.O.R. Tacloban (the local FM Station of ABS-CBN). I really didn’t understand why we had to ramble through the city and be “flaming hot” at the end of the day. Nobody knew I have a fever that time. Thank God I didn’t pass out in the middle of the street. I could have been in the headlines the next day.

But that didn’t stop me from watching concerts of Brownman Revival and Sugarfree. Nothing can stop me from doing what I will (Dingdong, pahiram muna ng linya ha) haha. There’s always plenty of nightlife in Tacloban in June. You can actually drink til you drop. The whole RTR Plaza is provided for drunkards like me. hehe.   

There’s more to that. This could also a chance for you guys to visit some historical places and landmarks in Tacloban City and in some neighboring towns.

letye ph.jpg Capitolyo han Leyte san juanico bridge mcarthur.jpg

Photos Courtesy of my former classmate Melody de Luna. I had to to grab these photos without her go signal. I asked for her permission, though. hehe.

This could be the perfect occasion for those who want to experience fun and excitement in this side of the region.

If you’re free this weekend, fly to Tacloban and you’ll surely have fun…

’cause once you see Leyte, you shall return!   

 Log on to for more info and updates.



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Darkness covered the four corners of my room. There was silence all over it. And there were no people outside. No uninteresting “talks”. No unwanted noise. The narrow patio outside was totally deserted. Everyone was asleep…except me.

Lying on my bed, I opened my heavy eyes. These eyes have been wanting to close but my mind seemed so restless. I felt like I was preoccupied with many things but I wasn’t thinking of anything at all.

I let my eyes behold the emptiness of my room. My eyes caught something bright, a green bulb that I use as the source of light when I sleep. But now, it’s no use. I felt like I would be awake whole night.

The squeaking sound of lizards was the only thing that breaks the silence. I was gazing at them as they play freely on the ceiling.

This small green bulb lightens up the room. I can see things clearer now. But all of them are lifeless. Not even the air that the electric fan blows can bring them to life. I’m alone. I’m used to it, though.

I’ve been tossing and turning on my bed for quite some time. I spent so much time in embracing my pillow and wishing that I would finally snore after few minutes. I wanted to close my eyes and fall asleep. But the problem is that I can’t. I really can’t. It seems that my call center days are all coming back. I thought that the polyphasic “sleeps” that I had before would come once again.

Then, I felt that something was crawling on my skin. Damn! It was one filthy cockroach. WTF!  I hate it. I hate to see cockroaches fly everywhere and get near me. I hate it even more to see rats eat the little food that I have. I would get rid of these pests soon!  

I got up from the bed and sat on a wooden chair. It felt good to cover my face with the palms of my hands. However, my eyes hurt every time my eyelids touch them. It felt like the smallest grains of sand were scattered in my eyes. If only I could ask my eyes and mind to cooperate, I would have done it earlier.

I grabbed my cellphone roughly to check the time. I was a bit horrified to see that it was already past twelve.

I lied down once again and finally lapsed into unconsciousness…




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I don’t wanna lose you but you strayed. I am helpless. I can’t find a way to get you back. I admit my fault. You can put the blame on me. But believe me when I say that I didn’t mean to lose you.

You caught my attention when I first saw you. You look awesome and attractive in black. I’ve been wanting to touch and hold you since that day. I wanted to look at you every now and then.

I did everything for you to be mine. I really wanted to bring you home. You just don’t know how glad I was when I finally held you in my arms. That moment is very unforgettable that I can even recall it vividly.

Nothing and nobody would ever equal the days and nights that we shared together. You’ve been a very good companion ’cause I never heard any complaint from you. I apologize for the times when I pressed you so hard and when I took you home so late. And sorry for the times when I overused you…

Your voice was soothing as you sing softly on my ear. That was the sweetest lullaby I ever heard before I fall asleep. I can’t forget the nights when you lie next to me. I would never forget the sensation that I get when your smooth skin touches mine. I can’t imagine my nights without you. I can hardly sleep without you by my side. I’m haunted.

It would be so hard for me to wake up every morning. You were the one who greets me with your gentle voice. I used to hold you as soon as I open my eyes. You were then waiting for me to touch you so you would stop.

You made me feel that I’m the most handsome guy on Earth ’cause you can’t get enough of me. You’ve been taking my pictures anytime, everywhere.  I was then your favorite subject despite of my not-so-handsome face.

You told me everything that I wanna know and helped me communicate with the people I love the most. And yet you didn’t get envious and jealous even if they stole my time for you. I appreciate that. Really.

Now, tell me. How can I ever forget you? You left me all alone. Nobody and nothing would ever complete this emptiness in me.

I was praying that you would come back. Unfortunately, you didn’t. It has been two days since you left. I don’t know where to find you. I don’t have an idea if you’d still be in my arms. I don’t know if I could ever get hold of you once again. What’s worse is that it would be so tough for me to replace you…

I know that God takes something away if He has something better to give. But I don’t want to replace you as much as possible. You satisfied me. I can never ask for anything better than you!




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I am now 23! And I don’t know if I should be happy that I reached this age…

Damn, I’m not getting any younger. I just realized that it has been 23 years since my mother tried to abort me. hehe. Yes. That’s how ruthless she is! But I didn’t allow her to kill me. Those medicines didn’t kick in for a child destined to be a star! ahehe.  So here I am now, alive and kicking at the age of 23!

Sigh…growing old is really something that I can’t get away from. Well, I have to accept that I already spent 23 years on Earth. I can’t help but think what transpired during my 23 years on this planet. Have I served my purpose? Have I achieved everything that I want? Have I grown up to be a wise and mature man?

I can’t answer all these stupid questions. I’m clueless right now. But I’ll try to provide answers, though…

I don’t even know if I’m living a purpose-driven life (ha?). What’s my purpose, anyway? I’m sorry but I can’t figure it out! I haven’t found my niche until now. I took AB Communication but I don’t intend to become a journalist, broadcaster, or whatsoever. I hated our Broadcast Arts and Performance class because I had to face the  camera. I don’t want my classmates to count my freckles on my face while staring at a huge TV screen. hehe. Not only that. I also had to sound like Gene Orejena, the anchor of “Good Morning Philippines”,  while carefully reading the prompter in front of me. But I enjoyed shooting documentaries, music videos, and plugs somehow. I was the official cameraman of our group before. You can laugh at me when I say that I only wanted to become a cameraman. haha. Perhaps, I should follow that “calling” – become a media practitioner and make big stories from ordinary people.

I just work eight hours a day without even thinking where I’m heading to and what will I be in the next few years. I wanted to become a disc jockey before but I landed in a different job. I can’t boast about any achievement. I’m just a call center quitter and a struggling writer. I even envy my friend who’s now an editor in chief of a local newspaper. But it’s fine. I’m not a good writer like him anyway.hehe. What an excuse! I don’t have career goals, so to say.

And I don’t think I’m matured enough. Everything seems so blurry for me. If maturity is measured by the clothes I wear, then I’m not mature. If it’s about the ability to decide on things and a clear perception of the future, then I’m way too far maturity. It’s because I’m only thinking of my short-term goals. That includes being able to eat three times a day, earning something for myself and my family, and buying something that I want. After this comes a long and broad ________.

Take things as they come. That’s how I live my life…No plans. No expectations.

But I don’t think I should live this way. I need to realize the purpose of my existence. I need to have plans. I need to have long-term goals.

I want to make to a change this time. I should reflect on the thing that matters most. After all, I’m the “driver” of my own life and I’m the “writer” of my own history…

The questions are waiting to be answered. It’s up to me to fill in that blank…the blank that would complete every piece of me! ahehe

Road Trip

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This was the schedule that changed my entire not-so-interesting and not-so-exciting (in other words “b-o-r-i-n-g”) weekend life…

My officemates and I had a road trip this weekend. Woohoo! I was free from my dull sleep all day and wash-my-clothes habits.

It was really unexpected. I never planned to join the road trip since I’m running out of money and I’m close to being broke. It even took me days to decide. However, my love for travelling convinced me to give it a go. After all, it’s my anniversary here in Cebu and I want to explore more places and attractions here. My birthday is just around the corner as well. I want to give myself a break. You know, city life is fun but it gets boring in the long run. I need to breathe fresh air and enjoy tranquility sometimes.

And now, here are the highlights of our two-day road trip down south…


We left for Barili, Cebu around 8 AM. We made a quick stopover in Carcar City to take some pictures.


GOING-AWAY PIC. Smile guys! We’re going to our destination!hehe

Finally, we reached Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu around 11 AM. This place boasts a reputation for a magnificent waterfalls. The sound of the rushing waters was soothing. That was the best waterfalls I’ve seen so far. I would say that it’s close enough to Laguna’s Pagsanjan Falls. This is where we had our lunch. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to join Ivan and Sho with their balsa adventure because I left my bag in the van. 


 TOURISTS ON THE GO. Here are the tourists striking a pose with the falls on the background. hehe

After spending few hours in Mantayupan Falls, we left for Moalboal, a town known for its white beaches and dive spots. Heck, that was my first time to walk on white sand. I didn’t miss the chance to get intimate with it.haha 😆 I rolled over the shore and dived into the water. I enjoyed the moment while the restless waves touch my body.



SOAK UP. Woohoo! This time we’re soaking up the sun through beach bathing.

Sho (my officemate) and I went boating along the coast.  Later, I sat on the shore to watch the beautiful sunset. The scene was perfect! The night in Moalboal was also peaceful. No jeepneys. No busy streets. No pollution. That was paradise! hehe. After setting up our tents, we gathered for a bonfire while drinking my favorite beer.hehe 😆


 FIRE UP. The gang gathered around the bonfire.  Where was I? I washed my hands after lighting it up!


We had to leave Moalboal at 9 AM. Then, we made our way to Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu. We did a bit of trekking to get to Kawasan Falls. All of us had to make a number of steps and follow a narrow trail through the trees. I was barely breathing when we finally reached the waterfalls! 😆



FALL IN LOVE WITH THE FALLS. These people are obviously enjoying a great scenic view that this place offers.

The water was pretty cold but I managed to bathe for hours with Ivan, Leylan, Vet, and the two kids Sean and Erin. “Falls-hopping” is really fun!

After taking a dip in the waters of Kawasan Falls, we stopped in Oslob, Cebu. This is where we travelled back in time as we posed near the ruins of old buildings and landmarks. These were the places that I’ve only seen in history books before. Look, here we are striking a pose near the ruins of a watchtower. 



The gang posed again! FROM LEFT: Sho, Lex (that’s me), Jen, Vet, Cel, Ivan, and two cute kids at the back.


If I have to describe our road trip with just one word, it would be FUN. Really fun!

I don’t have something for my birthday now. But, it’s fine! The food and drinks would be gone in minutes but the fun I had during our road trip would remain for a lifetime…

Try the southern tip of Cebu now and you’ll enjoy everything!

Special thanks to:

 Leylan and Yam for some of the pictures…